Wednesday, October 31, 2007

+ve.......and loving it!

A friend said to me, I am a +ve person.

Frankly, it is a compliment to me. I get it a lot. But everytime a person say this to me, it makes me I really?

I wasn't when I first came to college. It was down right negative. If there's a scale, I would be in the position where it is infinitely negative. I was so low that I thought of quitting the whole thing. But Alhamdulillah, He gave me strength to move on, a place to cry and seek help, and a love letter that will keep me company the whole time.

And due to that, I am +ve right now. I am +ve that I will survive med-school. I've survived college. It's just an extension of another 5 years.

So what makes me a +ve person? I guess my belief in Allah has made me this. He will take care of everything. There's nothing to worry about. Just do your best!

Hmm... reminds me of a campaign wehad back in school. "I am a +ve Muslim" campaign. Everyone was given this badge with the saying on it. We wear it every single day, becomes our school badge since we didn't have any. but the fact is, it kept reminding myself to think positive. It's only think positive of yourself or the consequences of your actions, but also of other people, their thoughts and actions. Sounds familiar?

It does as that is was Islam teaches. Think +ve.

"That ye grieve not for the sake of that which hath escaped you, nor yet exult because of that which hath been given. Allah loveth not all prideful boasters" (Al-Hadid 57:22)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ayam Masak Paprik

Alhamdulillah... at last my hunger for nasi and ayam paprik is satiated. (pardon me for the sentence structure. I think satiated is wrong here, but just couldn't find another word!)

Huhu, never made paprik before. Even my mom doesn't make it. So, the only place I eat paprik is when I'm at the college, back in matrix, or sumwhere out with my friends or some warung visit with my dad...

It's not that hard. You can just chuck almost anything in. Here's how I did it, though the 'wangi'-ness of daun limau purut is not there...

Half of baby chicken - enough for four people for a meal
1 Carrot
Quarter of an onion (some people put two whole ones!)
2 cloves<-- is this the right word? of garlic
3 slices of ginger
5 desert spoon oyster sauce
2 desert spoon tomato sauce
1 desert spoon dark soy sauce
1 tea spoon custard powder
2 cups pf water (I think!)

and... what makes all the serai and tomatoes unnecessary .... 1 tomyam cube.

Hehehe, and don't forget salt.

Yum yum... Thank you Allah for the nikmah of food...

"For the protection of the Qureaish. Their protection during their trading caravans in the winter and the summer. So let them serve the Lord of this House. Who feeds them against hunger and gives them security against fear." (Al-Quraysh 106 : 1-4)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Years gone...

Yesterday was 4th Syawal 1428. 20 years ago, I was born. Huhu... can't believe I'm already 20 years old... And in 3 years, I can build a daulah Islamiyah ... Rasullullah (s.a.w) took only 23 years to change a zero to a hero. He unleashed Umar al-Khattab, Khalid Al-Walid, Abbas, Ali and many more. His best friend, Abu Bakr was always with him. Subhanallah... how wonderful the blessing of ukhuwah in Islam.. Can you find it somewhere else??

My housemate made a surprise for me. They baked a cake for my birthday!! Well, I helped as well but I didn't know they were baking it for me. Since yesterday was not my cooking day, I stayed out of the kitchen. We had iftar together... it was our first day of puasa 6 this year. Best gils pose ngan housemate!

Then, I thought of having moreh at night... not really at night, about 830 or so.. but since iftar is at 615, so, ok la...

So I went into the kitchen... knowing that I will have some cake. But, when I saw the cake... I went... "Haa!! Ape ni??"

Terharu sesangat derang buatkan kek besday... Huhu... or maybe derang saje je nak suro kite jadi 20tahun... year ye...

So, since we have another birthday coming up this January, my housemate has already said that she wants a cake.. and I kinda know what kind of cake I want to make for her...Hmmm...

Well, this is the ukhuwah we've develped after a month living together... I just cannot wait for the outcome after one year living together... Subhanallah...

"O Allah, we thank you for the bounty You've given us. Please, don't let us go astray with the pleasure of the world... Let us be close to You in the Akhirah. Help us, gude us, as You are the best Guide, the Only Guide..." Ameen...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Moving into Transitions

I've moved!!!

There had been numerous transitions in my life and I think, I had the most number of transitions, back to back, this past month. Seriously, can it get better/worse?

First it was moving out of the house, jump on the plane, and flew 10 000km across Asia and Europe. Then the weather transition which I've not experienced any shock, thanx to Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia and MARA who sent me to Korea and Russia in the summer 06 and 07. Huhu

From a school girl to a University student, or particularly a med-stud a.k.a Student Doctor.. hehe

Then finally, from Carr Mills, to Lyddon Terrace.. Carr Mills was 30minutes walk from campus. But I enjoyed walking. I loved walking. I enjoyed the scenery, the part where we had to make suicidal road crossing plus the neighbours. huhu.

Now, I'm living about 5minutes brisk walking from school, have one couple living downstairs and practically no roads to cross. isk isk isk, I can still feel the thrill of going back to Carr Mills... I LOVED IT!!! But now, all that is left for love is memories.

Nah... gotta forget all these nitty gritty stuffs. But one thing for sure. My heater in Carr Mills wasn't working, so I complained and they gave me a portable heater that works wonders. And now, Lyddon has a centralised heating BUT, the whole system isn't working!!

I am COLD!!! I'm wearing 4 layers of clothes. My turtle neck which is supposed to work like a blanket as it is made of acrylic, my t shirt, my cardigan, and a sweatshirt (credit to my housemate whose jacket I made it like mine!!)and I'm still cold. Even my extremely hot laptop (back in Malaysia) is that is cool! But the heater part, ain't cool at all... Plus, it's cold these few days and I bet it's gonna get colder tomorrow...

OK. I have to get someone to come here. Desperatly need it.

Then I remembered, Allah's Hellfire is VERY VERY HOT. None of us would want to got there... Then I read an article, saying that if someone goes through Ramadhan without achieving anything, that person is the poorest of all. He lost the chance of Night of Power, the chance of getting your ibadah 70x more, plus a full care and treatment for body and soul. All he gets is tiredness and hunger.

There's only 3 days left... what have I done??

"The Great Disaster! What the Great Disaster is? the Day when men shall be like scattered moths and the mountains like carded wool of different colours. Then he whose scales are heavy, shall be in a state of bliss, and he whose scales are light, shall have the deep pit for his dwelling. And what do you know what it is? A raging Fire!"
(Al-Qari'ah 101 : 1-11)