Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coolness in policemen...

Do you ever watched movies or series which involved high speed chasing, involving unmarked police car, policemen not in uniform, chasing around with lights (hmm..what do they call it??) on top of their car roof? Do you think it's cool?

Think if you can see it live. When you're on street. Somewhat part of the scene.... even cooler??

Hoho..just had that.

Was driving...(my last driving lesson...I hope!) then suddenly, I saw this car coming on in the opposite direction, flashing lights to make people make way for them. A silver car without any police markings... but due to the lights, we knew it was a police car. Then... a few seconds later, we brushed (not literally of course) with a police car, this time marked. Hmm... I wonder what that was about?

Hmm... police not in uniform?

Perhaps...homicide? Armed police like SWAT team or something? I don't know.

But living in UK for the past 1 year and a half... I feel very much safe when I see a policeman, or policewoman. There was this one night, I was walking with my friend towards my other friend's house, and I saw a few men talking in the dark. I was so scared and I was already reading a few ayah from the Qur'an... then a policeman came out. He was making rounds. And he actually said hi to those men... just checking out that they weren't doing anything suspicious... maybe he had notice how scared I was... Lol.

Thinking again... a policeman watches over everything that he can see. They were trained so that they can recall the number plates of a car that passed them by... they were trained to be very vigilant whilst on duty... and I bet they do that as well even though they aren't on duty.

There's one policeman that I love. He is ever vigilant. He sees everything. Even when I'm under my comfy duvet, trying to sleep when Fajar almost came...and I haven't done my tahajjud. He can see not only what we can't see, but He knows what lies in the future. He knows everything in the past. He is ever Watchful. He is Al-Baseer... subhanallah...

He watches over not only because He cares, but also so that we know, that we are being judged by the Just. He looks so that we are conscious about every action we take. So that we make sure that everything that we do, is in line with what He likes. So that we leave the things He dislikes...

But, do we realize all this? Do we realize that we have Allah who oversees us? Who knows everything, even what's in our hearts?

Huhu...sometimes I fail at this..I fail to realize when I'm doing something bad without other people knowing it, there is someone who knows... I failed to realize that even when other people don't know what are the good things I've done, there is someone who does.

See? Allah watches over not only to punish us. He is Loving and Kind... the most Loving, and the Kindest... and He watches over to see how good of a Muslim have we become...so that He can bless us with His rahmah..and invite us into His heavens...

Subhanallah... subhanallah...subhanallah...Allahu Akbar

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ward day and...tremor??

We have hospital day on Fridays starting this semester. The cool thing is, I'm psoted at Bradford Royal Infirmary - a hospital, therefore, there's a lot of patients. Sadly, we get to see only one or 2 patients per day (it's usually only for 1.5 hours) - 9am til 10.30. It has been 3 weeks a.k.a 3 Fridays. Had to take cardiac history for the first two. And, last Friday, we manage to do cardiac examination. And I was the first to do it! I can't remember what I was supposed to do. (Haa.. another point, please don't expect to have teaching in the morning. You should have revised it the night before, after attending last week's lecture)

Luckily, I remembered that we start the examination by taking the patients hands.. look and feel - is it nice and warm? Any bruises, tenderness, redness, scars etc? Then look at fingers - splinter haemorrhages, tar stain, Osler's nodes, and another thing that I can't remember right now. Look at the joints for signs or arthritis... soem spot (maybe due to old age). Then do the pulse checking - pressure, rate, regular/irregular, radio-radial delay, collapsing pulse(only cardiologists do this, according to my consultant who is an anaesthetist).

Then we moved to face. Again, look and see. Any redness around the cheeks (it's suppose to be a sign of something, but can't remember what..) Eyes - anaemia, xanthal -something2-, white ring around sclera (owh..I gorgot this one as well), jaundice, (you can check your cranial nerves while you're at it as well!) Then the tongue - central cyanosis, thrush, ulcers, salivation (dehydration).. what else??

Owh, another thing, then you move on to checking the JVP - not suppose to see it on normal person. And my first patient was normal ;)

Huhu...and, as you noticed, it's a hell lot of stuffs! And this is just the beginning. My friend continued with the chest area - oberservation, palpation and auscultation. [We'll need to do all this in 6 minutes by next year..]

Whoa!! Cool! Now I feel like a doctor - putting stethoscope on.. hihi.. and the patient was happy to see us with our 'toys' - colourful.. hihi..

We heard a swooshing sound up in his aorta. According to my consultant, it's either aortic stenosis or aortic sclerosis. It's common for old people to have aortic sclerosis... but if it's stenosis, there may be some problem to anaesthetize him later (he's due for an operation in 6-8 weeks!). Did him a favour didn't we? [and we thought we were stupid not able to hear the LUB DUB sound..(or is it Rabb Rabb sound?)]


Understood my ECG after 3 cardiologists explained it to me.

Manage to do cardiac examination though if it was an OSCE, I would have failed.

And critical appraisal.

Now - need to solat subuh as this gadget called RubyMerah has taken my fingers away from me for the past hour.

Solat, ma'thurat...BREAKFAST :D

New Drive


I know it has been months since my last post. Sorry for that. But these few weeks has been really hectic... I wasn't in the mood of being a medical student, what else updating my small little virtual world. Well, maybe it wasn't hectic..just the fact that I wasn't in the mood. Huhu..

Then, just after ambil wudhu' for Subuh..which I got so tensed as when I came out from the toilet, DH AZAN!!!! :(( X sempat nak buat qiyam.. dh la semalam pon camni jugak.. haish~~ [tu la, sape suro dh bangun time alarm tdo balik lepas tu??]

ok ok, my fault.

So, sambil2 tunggu azan abes, these fingers were fast to click on people's blog... I was blog-hopping, visiting a few friends and seniors, who each wrote beautiful pearls of their lives. Then i realize, I haven't contributed much to other people. Hihi...my bad.. again.

So, I've come out with a new resolution (after getting back my medic student mood after crossing the finsihing line of Critical Appraisal) - to just blog.

Well, the reason I stopped one time ago as my FS account has been growing...and it has been too public. Don't wanna have that. And, this I don't promote my blog to anyone...I guess I can blog whatever I want on this blog..

Another reason is that, I can find points to ponder upon where ever I go (almost wehere ever I go) now... so why wait until I can relate to a verse in the Qur'an or a hadith?? It would be excellent if I can do that.. but for that, let's just write and ponder k together k?


wait for my future posts!