Friday, April 11, 2008

Shifting paradigm...

Hmm... bile tetibe hati ni rase down, ade je bende yang naikkan semangat balik...^_^ (indahnya hidup bersama Ilahi. He plans my life ways I cannot imagine. I believe, He know best.. and He'll give me the best)

Videos to share..
Part 1

Part 2


[ps: kali ni curik verses from the clip ye...huhu..]

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jaulah Turkey

Another journey... now to the centre of the globe. I've been to the East, I'm now in West, I've been to the North, and my heart is in the South. So, what's left?? The Centre.

Though some may differ, I think I can say it (just to make it fit into my 'ayat-ayat puitis' above ^_^)


When I went to Turkey, I really agree with the saying 'jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan' (or something like that. The few seatings with my sisters here in Leeds touched on accepting Allah's plan as He is the Best Planner. He gives the best for us no matter how we hate it or no matter how we see it as the worst thing that can happen. Alhamdulillah, I praised all my sisters who did not complain a single bit. Instead, we were all really positive and never lose hope. Subhanallah, how wonderful the feeling was.

People who supported us from far, thank you so much. Though you guys may pity or emphatize us, I salute my jaulah-mates more... SUKE SGT!!!

And I also learn that friendship does not fade... I met my friend whom I never seen since I was in Form 3. And she still recognizes me.. ohohoho.. the sad part is I can't spend much time with her... isk isk isk...

Hmm... subhanallah... How great Allah is. His plan is much better than ours. I think if we go there for 4 days, our money will be gone before we knew it.. Ahahaha..

Feel like I'm missing a point... but nonetheless, if only I can show my heart and let others have a look, surely it will be much better...


Too Many Things, Too Little Time

Frankly, I have loads on my mind that I really want to share. But this time, I think I really wanna be serious, coz I've learnt valuable things that I just can't let people take it easy. So, I have to be serious. Hence, I think I'll draft my post so that this go chronologically...

make sense??

me being serious??

why not??