Friday, May 23, 2008

Seorang Budak Gemok

Allow me to publish this post in Malay...

Ade seorang budak gemok, kulitnya licin, gebu dan manis (dan kaler kulitnya macam kulit kayu manis... Hahaha)

[Haish~~ xleh nak continue tulis... Let the pictures speak for themselves...]

**Budak gemok kate: Nak aaapppeee??? -In a very annoyed way**

**Budak gemok tgk Ummi dia...pastu die kate: Ummi, Ahmad...comel x??**

**Budak gemok macam takut je...GGgggrrrr**

**Budak gemok memikirkan masa depan...Ummi, nak jadi PM boleh??**

**La... tunggu turn main ngan GrandPa rupenye.. chehs**

Inilah dia sketsa kehidupan budak gemok yang dimanjakan sampai jadi gemok. Budak gemok yang bernama Ahmad Ibrahim Shahmi, umo 7 bulan, 6 hari

Waaa....!!!! Nak balik!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I just love this song. Such a nice, inspiring piece that never fails to make me shed tears...

It reminds me of how fortunate I am. How fortunate we all are...which gives us no room to care less for others

I miss my PDK trip. Among the best things that happened in KMB ^_^

Friday, May 9, 2008

Remembering Our Brothers and Sisters...

Today is the 60th Year of the Nakba a.k.a catastrophe. Well, that's for us Muslims and for those who love peace and harmony, not forgetting the I-am-a-human-with heart. Coz for those who are heartless, they'll go and say..."Hey!!! It's the independence day today!!! It's Israel's 60th birthday!!!"

Erm... who is Israel??

Does it exist??

Not in my dictionary NO!! Definitely not.

Alright, it has a capital city, it has it's own economy, people living there is called Israelis, and it has boundaries. I mean literally. Literally and physically, all around.

Someone on my Facebook gave me this video
[ooops.. it's kinda lost... But I'll try and find it again]

Well, basically, imagine it being a video like have showing about the Palestinians... they have it for them..

And they go and spread it to the world!! I bet this person know I'm a Muslim as I'm wearing the hijab. And they go and spread their video to everyone. I bet now (since even my friends in Malaysia are using FB... though I have no slightest idea why...) people around the world has seen the video. But how many people have seen the lives of the Palestinians??

During ROQ last 2 weeks, a guy from ... (Amnesty I think??) shared with us his experiences whilst there. He showed us a few houses that is annexed by the apartheid wall... And these are houses and shops. What about schools and villages?? Farms??

Imagine this. You have a new garden in your front and can have a picnic, BBQ, and even sunbathing (since the weather's so nice!). You were enjoying ur life until one day, a truck came with concrete slabs, and divide your garden into 2 parts, the smaller one's for you. The bigger portion, they say that they need to expand the road. We need the space M'am. It's for everyone's uses.

Everyone my foot! (Alhamdulillah swearing is not my cup of tea!)

Palestinians can't walk on certain roads.

Palestinians can't drive on certain roads.

Palestinians have to climb wall to see their families and friends who WERE only 5 metres away!

People must be crazy thinking how the Jews have suffered back in the past.

So, in order to have 'pity' on these minorities of the world's population, you go and inflict pain and agony on someone else?

Since they don't have a land to stay, you go and take other people's land. How 'humane' is that?

You call people throwing stones as terrorists. But tell me, the tank against a few pebbles of stones... who's the terrorist?

Huh.. I don't think I can write anymore coz I feel like my chest is blowing up!! So I'm gonna share with you the doa of a Sheikh for Masjdil Haram (I know many have seen this).

All the Palestinians ask from us is to bring Islam back. Only then shall Palestinians be free. Let them fight the tanks with their hands and stones. Let's do our part. Let's bring Islam back.

With Islam Umar al-Khattab freed Palestine from the Romans... and again with Islam, Salahuddin al-Ayyubi freed Palestine from the Crusades... and with Islam, we shall free Palestine!!

O Allah, only from you we ask for strength...

note to self: Must equip self with Arabic to understand the doa Qunut of the Imam in Leeds Grand Mosque during Ramadhan. I wonder why everyone cries when the Imam recite the dua... :-?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I wish...

I wish I can say it
How you have stabbed me
How you've crushed me
How you've made my tears flow

But it will make things worse
It will eat myself
And it will eat you
And that is much more painful
Too painful that I can't bare

I wish I can tell you
How much you mean to me
How precious you are

I wish I can tell you
That all I asked was for you to look at me in the eye
And share what's inside your heart

But it's all just few wishes
For you

When I looked at the mirror
I see myself
How I wish I can tell others how I feel
How heavy this is
Burdening inside my heart

I wish I can lament
I wish I can escape
I wish I can fly free
I wish I can smile
Not just cry
Again, these are just wishes

I know that you will listen
But it's me who cannot tell
I know you will care
But it's me who is to arrogant

But don't worry
Coz I have found a place to share my feelings
I can share it with someone who would listen
And who would reply a.s.a.p with beautiful words
Words that I myself can't describe

But with Him in my heart
I know I don't have to tell
Not to anyone, Not to anything

O Allah, only to you I can ask for my wishes. Let this heart be yours, and only yours... Grant me peace since you are the Most Peaceful. Grant me strength since you are the Strongest. Grant me power since you are the most Powerful. Grant me sincerity since you are the Most Sincere...