Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Safety Pin


I'm talking about a safety pin?


My summer is (although I believe it's best for me) a nightmare. I couldn't join my little sisters who had fun during the first gathering as I have my brother's wedding the weekend after I got back. I couldn't join the massive gathering they had in a land far away called Kelantan as my other brother's wedding is coming up. Sigh~~ I bet they have collected so many precious pearls, and I guess most of it, they can't share it with me coz I'll need my own pearls to move on.

So, in the search for my own pearls, I turned to the sea of knowledge and love, just an hour from my home. I went to see my dear sisters, big and small, for a day. Little that I expect, that it would such a nice gathering, whilst everyone was in Kelantan having fun.

Simple but nice, got to meet my soon-to-be little sister, and her cousin as well, or and far away cousins as well.

And it was time to pray, I stood and started. My tudung was the slippery one. But I thought since it is quite labuh I wouldn't have any problem preventing it from slipping down as I sujud onto the floor...nope. dead wrong. it slipped. my khusyu' was gone. until suddenly, someone came to me from behind, and pinned my tudung to my baju, altogether preventing it from slipping.


I don't know. One thing I know is that, she loves me so dearly that she does not want my prayers to just go in the dustbin. I couldn't find her as I don't know who she is.

Owh, Subhanallah. How she has touched my heart with just a safety pin.

Ya Allah, I pray for my sister. Let the kindness that she has done become her key to you Paradise... ameen...

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